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'Biscuit', '562b59445dedbf0447f9ca6cabe43877' => 'Brine', '604d2c0bfa8f96ca4a40d9d637ff668b' => 'Carpet', 'ff348f109bf581d37c90c393f0b87f9f' => 'Cartridge', '4170acd6af571e8d0d59fdad999cc605' => 'CD', '6f18683a2923b9b36588b25101b498ac' => 'Cement-Concrete', '8936e4678a12fed5138c10a17e04d1bd' => 'Ceramics', '6e162ed9a2bc76307e0a249786f4951e' => 'Coat', '574e8583f71bb54162df1c1aadde2f28' => 'Cola', '3a438bdec724ad9b6f0bab71c804b40c' => 'Dia', '43016cedfa614b802121d3254234b5a5' => 'Dried Fruit', '876258765fd2c78c40eadfff708a571e' => 'Earthenwares', 'bae9023301664a3ea829a63c67d6f882' => 'Film', '6afb6bd40090beb5c8ce1dd2632124b6' => 'Food Additive Materials', 'aae44179fda7ddcbf8916aff53846128' => 'Glass', 'c39c2cb6ad2b4f457b58a2504fa2b819' => 'Golg', '1abfa4542da897b161b883a3537e334b' => 'Hair Care', '3d6585b492764edf85decd1c5ed25f6b' => 'Hazelnut', 'bdf7ad23e89b55f904bca0304819309e' => 'Leather', '24bdc3ab6c30cd07015d935e4fbdaa20' => 'Lifts', '9e8bfc8ba6e2cb084fac0d2fb97c07b2' => 'Mate', 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